Alexander Glickman earned an honours degree from the architecture department of the Moscow economics-operational technical school before graduating from the interior design department at the Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI, prof.V.T. Shimko’s class). From 1991 till 1996, he worked at architect firms abroad. In 1996, he opened his own architect studio in Moscow: his staff are a like-minded team of brilliant professionals in their trade, capable of accomplishing any creative task.

In more than twenty five years of architectural practical experience, Alexander Glickman amassed a unique constructive expertise — he designed and built more than 150 various objects, including private apartments, country villas, banks, restaurants, clubs. The geography of the objects built by Alexandre Glickman ranges fairly widely — Russia, the USA, England and Italy, France and the Baltic countries.


Vladimir graduated from the Technical Architecture and Construction School in 1996. For eight years he worked at Arts Centre in Vutec, specializing in the art of ceramics. Member of the Association of Painters of Moscow, he is currently working on decorative art and sculpture. He has participated in Glickman projects over the past 20 years, specializing in the execution of embossed details, elements of sculpture and decorative minds.


Olga Markova graduated from MGACHI (the State Academic Institute of Painting) Surikov, the Faculty of Sculpture (laboratory of Professor AI Rukovisnikov) in 1997. Fellow of the Association of Painters of Moscow (1997-1998) and member since 1997, work mainly in the artistic genre of figurative sculpture and graphical art. She has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Russia and in France. She loves to work with any material, from bronze to paper. Over the past 20 years she has collaborated with Glickman as head-artistic consultant, creating not only sculptures but also taking part in the project creating the interior of the surrounding environment.



Ivan Korzev finished the School for Tomsky painters in 1991; in 1996 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academic Institute of Painting "Surikov" (Faculty of sculpture) and in the same year joined the Association of Moscow Painters. He is a master in the realisctic portrait, the monumental sculpture, Memorial.



Stanislav Moskvitin studied at The Art Institute of Moscow, after which he joined the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. After graduating in 1996, majoring in painting, he continued his studies with a doctorate. Currently he runs the drawing faculty at Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.


Yuliya studied at the Moscow Art and the Faculty of Graphic at the State Institute "Surikov" of Moscow. Since 1990 she has been working professionally as an artistic painter.


Via Vittorio Veneto 39/41
Viale Repubblica 107/109
Cabiate CO, 22060


Via per Como, 84/a - 23868 Valmadrera (LC)
tel: 0341 581021
fax: 0341 210054



The eclectic artist Vittorio Zanaboni created in Meda, during the Sixties, the company that bears his name, which presented its first living rooms marked by an originality of approach stemming from the reinterpretation of the great classics of the past. The location is not random, because Meda, in the heart of Brianza, is the only place in the world where in such a confined space are concentrated many excellences and manual skills and specialisations for every particular type of manufacturing in the sector of high-end furniture. With this spirit and this attitude towards experimentation, the company has developed over the years and out of its research have emerged timeless collections that have become the point of reference for the classic furniture sector all over the world, present in some of the world’s most prestigious residences. Brianza is a world unto itself, where everything has always revolved around the “workshop” of the carpenter, the carver or the upholsterer, from the beginning of the Nineteenth century it was the perfect location for high-end hand-crafted manufacturing when in that era, to supplement the meagre income of agriculture, some families in the Brianza countryside began to produce furniture and accessories for the residences of the French nobility. Following the French occupation that had facilitated the commercial and cultural exchange between Paris, then the capital of international furniture and Brianza, the most skilled artisans finally abandoned farm work and devoted themselves fully to the artistic production of high-quality furniture that still remains active and is exported all over the world.


Nova Serenissima

At Nova Serenissima one experiences company personally, day by day and they have conveyed passion for this job, which is certainly demanding in many respects but equally elating, to the people who surround Nova Serenissima. Nova Serenissima establishes a perfect understanding with each of their clients. They share a common objective: to realize in the best way spaces which you have your heart set on, just the way you imagine them.




Adress: Via della Torricella 29, 50012, Antella (FI), Italy


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Bamax, founded about 40 years ago in this area, keeps on proposing furniture which looks for its own roots, thus taking advantage of cabinet-makers and lacquering masters, heirs of an ancient and learned tradition.

Inside Bamax factory, besides the wooden veener flavour, you are surrounded by the smells of natural water-distempered colours.

Our production is considered a production of high quality and craftsman mastership. Our furniture is produced in solid wood in order to guarantee the amximum stability and endurance as time goes on.



In 1985, young craftsman Mark Boddington set up Silverlining with a vision to become one of Britain’s’ leading furniture makers. Now, nearly three decades later, Silverlining’s innovative and award- winning furniture can be found in palaces, museums, galleries, corporate headquarters, residences and yachts around the world.

1) Mark Boddington
2) Alex Hall, Mark Boddington, Alexander Glickman



Founded in 2005 Eidsgaard Design has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after names in the superyacht design industry. Its Directors Peder Eidsgaard, Ewa Eidsgaad and Ben Harrison have varied backgrounds, which have been brought together to form this dynamic trio.

Working with Eidsgaard Design on designing all interiors for the private Boeing 737 has been of an utmost interest.



Krivcov V.I. and his sons Alexander (left) and Vladimir (right)

fifth avenue

Since April 2013, Interior Salon Fifth Avenue proudly represents in the exclusive collections of furniture, lighting, fabrics, cornices and accessories for decoration of leading American and European manufacturers. Rich variety of luxury fabrics and wallpaper to choose from. Cooperation with leading architects and designers of Russia, not only allows them to work with private clients, but to engage with corporate projects.
Moscow Design Center ArtPlay
Street. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya, 10 pp. 2, 1st Floor (entrance from the embankment)
Phone: +7 (495) 775 7737
In addition, the holding company is the exclusive Fifth Avenue showroom of the famous Italian furniture company PROMEMORIA, led by Romeo Sozzi.
Moscow, Smolenskaya street building 7


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Antiques gallery Bersoantik has been established in 1995.

Focusing mostly on antique furtniture, lightings, chimney and interior details.



Since 1994, «En-Trade» performs installation activities in Russia and to date has gained status as the largest supplier in the field of design services, installation and maintenance of high-tech electronics systems.

Since 1998, «En-Trade» is a member of CEDIA (The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) - an international trade association specializing in the design and installation of electronic systems for home. Projects of «En-Trade» were repeatedly nominated for the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Awards awards.

Address: Moscow, Leningrad Prospect 47, office 328



CEO - Tomas Tekorius

+370 698 37 658

+7 903 960 3856

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Igor CheremnykhNikolay Taganov

Experts for over 12 years in designing and fitting bespoke premium-class home automation and control solutions, home theaters and AV entertainment systems in apartments, city and country houses, mansions, manors, yachts and corporate offices. AV and control systems are customized around you, and will fit exactly the space you wish.

Igor Cheremnykh (Top)

Nikolay Taganov (Bottom)



Stepan Spiridonov

Stained-Glass Systems


Zemun Dubravko

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Petko Ruzicic


Secara Ion, Secara Marin, Postica Ruslan, Khodzhaev Manuchekhr


CO.SP.EDIL was founded in 1983. Its main values: care to customer requirements, meticulous control of product quality, maniacal care in the delivery of the work and time and costs management.

Residential building has always been the main area of activity for the company. In the last years the business has also expanded in the industrial and commercial sector, currently CO.SP.EDIL fits into the market as reliable company in those fields, is demonstrating the long-standing collaboration with leading brands of medium and large retailers.

The real estate operations on its own initiative, represent the prevalence of sales, demonstration of entrepreneurial initiative and business solidity.

Since 1983 many things have changed, the company has grown and evolved, always showning interest in the innovations applied to the building and to the needs required by the market. They remained unaltered the values with which it was founded.

Cerifications: ISO 9001;

SOA categories, OG1-VI, OG3 - II, OG6 - III; member of ANCE (National builders association).



The history of the forge goes back to 1925 when Luigi Boranga, having gained experience with well-known craftsmen, decided to establish his own business for working iron and other metals with a decidedly artistic propensity in the production.

A true passion for what is beautiful, passed down from father to son: the tradition continued with his son Gianfranco in 1965, when the business took on the name Fucina Artistica Boranga.

The business has grown considerably over the last twenty years, both at home and abroad, due to the fact that the taste for wrought-iron work has no longer been limited to a small circle of “connoisseurs”, but has become an object of interest for a much wider market.


Adress: Verkiu str. 29, Vilnius, Lithuania

CEO – Viktoras Zaubidovas


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Adress: Vileisio str. 6F, Vilnius, Lithuania

CEO – Valentinas Matulaitis


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Adress: Slezeviciaus str. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania

CEO – Antanas Auskalnis


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President - Simone Pelizzon

RANDA company since 1991, has 25 years of experience in the field of construction. Working in collaboration with leading architectural and design offices provides services for configuration and installation of construction materials and equipment, including the furnishing of facilities.


Mologvardeiskaya str, 58, Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 (985) 411-18-62

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