Residential Villa

by Alexander Glickman


The country mansion is built mainly in the style of ecological minimalism with expressive classical decor touch. The facades are decorated with black slate and bleached larch from Arkhangelsk with protective coating. The staircase in natural oak is located in a glass box of the center of the building. It leads to an elongated rectangular hall covered with a glass vault created the light-flooded passage on the second floor. There is a convenient layout with luxury bathrooms and wardrobes on the second floor. In the spacious living room of the first floor the architect has established a large handmade fireplace as a stone portal with carved columns, decorated in authentic Italian Renaissance style of –•VI century. The side columns of the portal decorated with stone griffins. In his constant manner of playful eclecticism the architect mixes easily different styles in that house mainly reflected modern minimalism. For example all doors of the villa are handmade with luxurious French Baroque carving from solid wood.




Residential Villa

© Alexander Glickman